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Fiber Cement Siding

There are many variables when deciding the best house siding for your home. With many siding choices, it really depends on you the homeowner to decide what siding best fits your house. Hardie siding can be used for may projects because it comes in so many shapes and textures. Many people choose that type of siding for that very reason.

Exterior Cement siding such as hardie board will last for years to come. With easy maintanice hardie board and hardie plank siding is being chosen for many homes. Cement siding is also popular due to its ability to withstand the elements such as wind, fire, hail, and rain for many many years. Hardie siding is impervious to water, which makes it the ultimate siding. It already comes pre-primed and ready to paint. Some cement sidings come pre colored as well which eleminates even needing to paint when it installed.

This type of siding comes in a variety of sizes and styles. It is available with the appearance of brick, wood, and even vinyl siding. It is priced comparable to wood siding, but because it is strong enough to withstand the elements it will outlast the wood siding.

For the price that you are going to pay for this investment, you will want to choose a house siding that will last as long or longer then you are going to own the home. Cost for your siding also includes the price of quality nails/screws, caulking, paint, trim pieces, moisture barriers, and the obvious how much square footage you are going to be charged for the instalation unless you will be installing yourself. Cement siding is so easy to install you may decide to do the work yourself rather then contracting the work out to a company.

Cement board such as hardie board has many uses not only exterior siding. The boards can be used in the interior of your home as well. Many contractors use this fiber cement board for bathrooms including walls and even as a sub floor over your existing foundation. In the bathroom this fiber cement board allows tile to adhere to the walls.

Cement siding such as Hardie board siding is just one of the many ways you can cover the exterior of your home. Alternatives are brick, stone, stucco, and even real logs to create a log cabin look. Take your time and do research to find the siding best fits your family and home. After much research most people conclude that hardie siding is the best house siding for your money.

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