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Installing House Siding Materials

If you´re considering installing siding on your home, here are some thoughts:

What is the most important consideration?

I believe it's the warranty. It indicates the manufacturer's belief in his product and his installer. That's why the manufacturer of Amazing Siding was the first to offer a double lifetime warranty covering both material defects and the installation. And is the only manufacturer to offer it free.

What should siding cost?

Siding price is dependent upon quality, the warranty behind it and the craftsmanship of the installation. Find a company that carries most major brands: they can show you the difference between the products. Amazing Siding represents 8 manufacturers.

Why should you buy insulation for siding?

Insulation should be designed to follow the lines of the siding, fitting the siding snugly to add firmness to the insulation and increase the insulation factor. Thickness should be a minimum of 3/4". Amazing Wall insulation has been manufactured following these industry guidelines with a thickness up to 1-1/2".

How can you be sure about a siding company?

Anyone can show you pretty pictures. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Seek references in your neighborhood. How long has the manufacturer been in business? Amazing Siding is sold in 10 cities and does not have one complaint with any consumer reporting agency in any of these cities. Our manufacturer invented vinyl siding 39 years ago.

Does the siding company have quality control?

Determine what procedure a company utilizes to insure proper installation of the siding. To insure the siding lasts a lifetime, Amazing Siding has a Master Installer with 18 years experience whose job is to inspect installation sites before a crew is released to work on another home.

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